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Readers of Senior News 50 and Better represent a highly targeted niche for local advertisers. Active and older seniors make up 75% of our readers, with the balance comprised of adults age 45 to 54.

What makes SN50 a powerful advertising vehicle?
Surveys have shown that:

  •     86% read SN50 cover to cover
  •     89% read the ads on a regular basis
  •     84% keep and refer to each issue for one month or more
  •     71% frequently purchase products and services advertised in SN50

Maximize your ad dollars by reaching your market.
Our controlled circulation guarantees each issue reaches people who need and want your products.

Consider these facts about our readers:

  •     Mature adults read newspapers more than any other age group
  •     They have 50% of America's discretionary income
  •     They dine out twice as often as those under 36
  •     They spend more on travel and recreation than any other age group
  •     They purchase 43% of all new domestic cars, 48% of all luxury cars, and 50% of all RVs
  •     They spend more on health and personal care products than any other age group
  •     They spend more per capita in the grocery store than any other age group
  •     They spend more on quality children's clothing for their grandchildren than the children's parents do
  •     They account for 40% of total consumer demand

Senior News 50 and Better is distributed via paid mail subscriptions, by request to clubs and organizations that serve seniors, and verified high traffic areas for active 50+ adults. We currently have over 1,200 distribution locations, including regional grocery chains such as Sunset Foods, Angelo Caputo's Fresh Markets, Woodman's, Foods for Less, Fresh Farms, Joe Caputo & Sons, Tony's Foods and Valli Produce. Since we are a monthly publication, we have in place a weekly rack refill program with these establishments to ensure copies of SN50 are always available to readers.

Each month, we publish 9 regional editions of Senior News 50 and Better, each featuring news and advertising specific to the region. Total readership is 147,000, with regional breakdown as follows:
Cook North • 32,000
Cook South • 31,500
Cook West • 22,000
DuPage • 25,000
Kane • 10,000
Lake • 7,000
Northshore • 11,500
Will • 4,000
Rockford • 12,000

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